Kyiv guide for Krupa guests

Photo by Denys Rodionenko on Unsplash

Where to eat?

  • SHO — “It’s a restaurant or a museum?!”. Spectacular interior in Ukrainian style. Try Kyiv cheese pancakes for breakfast.
  • Kanapa — new Ukrainian cuisine. Edible candles and other food experiments.
  • Barvy — recipes from different parts of Ukraine served in a new way. Interesting: a waiter will offer a proper cocktail to your dish.
  • Kosatka — Smashing Magazine’s editor-in-chief favorite.
  • Chernomorka — for fish and seafood lovers.
  • Zigzagurban cafe with a laid back atmosphere
  • Lyubimy Dyadya — cross its threshold and you’ll see how soon a restaurant became a home. Home of a favorite uncle.
  • JZL — simple food, cooked in a new way and special authored cocktails.
  • Closer — dance hard place. Night club.
  • Punkraft — beer point our art-director insisted on adding
  • Khvylovyi, Barman Dictat, Parovoz Speak Easy, Bar 13, Budu pozzhe, Black Tot Bar, The Nora bar, Loggerhead, Podil East India company — bars where you can find Projector’s team after work.
  • Pyrizhkova Titka Klara — take two buns at once, break your diet.
  • Kyivska perepichka — don’t take this sausage in dough seriously, it’s just a legend.


  • Vsi Svoi — the only platform where all the Ukrainian designers, brands and products are under one roof.
  • Orner Storea huge number of cute staff to please your friends with: cups, plates, notebooks, postcards with sweet illustrations.
  • Syndicate — Ukrainian streetwear brand, made by cool illustrators and designers.

Let’s break for a coffee

  • Espressoholic
  • The coffee tram in Taras Shevchenko Park — the real tram

Places on your map

Art places, museums, must visits

  • Mystetskyi Arsenal — modern Ukrainian art that integrates contemporary art, music, theater, literature and museum affairs.
  • PinchukArtCentre — the center where contemporary art of the XXI century lives.
  • Projector — creative and tech school which organizes KRUPA conference. We’ll be glad to say hello.
  • Khanenko Museum of Arts — eastern and western collections of classic art worth seeing.
  • NAMU (National Art Museum of Ukraine) — ancient icons, portraits, sculptures, mosaics, tapestries, avant-garde cubist and constructivist compositions. Lately, NAMU got a new identity from Banda Agency, the one that won Red Dot for the best agency of the year.
  • Botan — the Library you want to live in: interior, people, hammock and books to read for free. The silence culture — is the uniqueness of the place you’ll never find somewhere else.
  • Izone — a cultural center placed at the old factory.
  • M17 — Center for Contemporary Art. The logo used the letter “M”, which refers to Kazimir Malevich as a prominent Ukrainian avant-garde artist.
  • Unit City — first Ukrainian innovation park filled with startups, corporations, international companies, and ones again startups.
  • National Zoological Museum — hundreds of animal species and skeletons.
  • Zhytniy rynok — good food from the locals. The building is a great example of Soviet modern architecture.
  • Bessarabka — a big market with a remarkable variety of food points.

Walking the city

photo credits to Natalia Azarkina
  • Andriivskyy descent — a place to start your friendship with Kyiv.
  • Peizazhna alley — recreation area, hidden in the courtyards of the central district. 30-meters wall with the mouth of a cat-centipede, Little Prince, dozens of creative benches. Every piece of art is made with colored mosaic.
  • Kyivskyi velotrek — the most instagrammable place.
  • National Botanical Garden — may be the greenest place of the city.
  • Funicular — a little cabin that will bring you up from Podil to historic Upper City through the view of the Dnipro River.
  • Taras Shevchenko’s Park — also known as a “green building” for students who skip classes in the park. The Red Building should be in your focus, especially in the evening.
The Red Building which is Kyiv National University in front of the park

Heritage of Soviet architecture




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Projector Institute

Projector Creative & Tech Online Institute. Designing customized, digital and student-centered education.

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